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· 3 min read

As a member of the gaming community, I am always looking for ways to help improve the quality and stability of online game servers. One way that I have found to be particularly effective is by testing and evaluating game servers and the software that powers them in a self-hosted environment.

The platform we are using for these tests is TrueNAS Scale powered by a community catalog TrueCharts, which has a wide range of game servers available for testing and evaluation. However, there is one major obstacle that we have encountered in our efforts to do this: many of these game servers require a significant amount of money in order to be properly tested and evaluated. This includes the cost of purchasing the games that will be hosted on the servers, as well as any additional software or hardware that may be needed to set up in our self-hosted environment.

This can be a real problem for those of us who are passionate about gaming and want to contribute to the development of stable and reliable game servers, but don't have the financial resources to cover these costs. That's why we are reaching out to ask for your help in raising the funds needed to test and evaluate these game servers and the software that powers them using TrueNAS Scale and TrueCharts as the backbone for the game servers they offer.

Any donations that you can provide will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way towards helping the gaming community create and maintain high-quality game servers that provide a great experience for all players.

So if you believe in the importance of stable and reliable game servers, and want to help ensure that they are available to all, please consider making a donation to support the testing and evaluation of these game servers and the software that powers them in a self-hosted environment using TrueNAS Scale and TrueCharts as the community catalog. Together, we can make a real difference and help bring the best gaming experience to all players.

You can donate directly to Truecharts for the awesome community platform they are and join on the fun to test and evaluate the game servers they offer in the incubator and stable trains.

I am actively working on making the game servers and pushing them to stable with the help of the Truecharts community, so if you like my work and want to see your game server in the stable train, i would not mine getting some coffee for my time too :).