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Media and Downloads

This is a simple guide on creating a media pool and dataset with hard-linking in mind.

You can NOT hard-link between datasets, but you can within the dirs of a dataset.

Storage Set up

Go to storage tab and create a pool by giving it a name for example tank and setting up the VDEVS for that pool, the raid setup is beyond the scope of this guide, so please use the best judgement if you want/need redundancy.

Go to the datasets tab and then press add dataset to create a single dataset for media as it will hold all your organized and unorganized media.

  • Give it a name for example media
  • go the advanced options and set its record size to 1M.



Permissions Set Up

Lets set the perms for this dataset:

  • Press the edit on the permissions box for the media dataset.

  • Strip ACLs if present.

  • set the perms like so.


Creating Media Libraries

Go to the system settings -> shell.

cd /mnt/tank/media

Change the current directory to your dataset path and create your library directories.

You can create 2 dirs series and movies or whatever kind of media dir you want.

I always separate my media from different types like:

  • Anime
  • TV
  • KoreanTV
  • Movies
  • AnimeMovies
  • Comedies
  • Video

to create dirs just run the following command for each library you want to use as it's always best to keep unorganized media separate from the organized media. :

mkdir animes tv movies downloads

Mounting the Media to Apps

Mount the /mnt/tank/media dataset as /media, its better to keep the mount as simple as possible and DON'T use system level dirs that can potentially be in used by don't use /mnt/XXX/XXX for the mount path.


Mount Path is the path thats internal to the app.


For each app internally reference the media:

  • /media/animes as a library.
  • /media/downloads as the download path.

the download client should be setup to download to /media/downloads so make sure their default download paths are set accordingly.

make sure to follow the same naming conventions and each app has the same internal path or there will be conflicts.

SMB Access With Apps Perms

This will allow you to access your media dataset via smb on your client devices


This guide was made by zasx from the truecharts discord.

You need a local user with access to the apps group.

Go to Credentials -> Local Users, click on your local user and click Edit. Add apps to the Auxiliary Groups.

Go to Shares tab, click Add and select the path to your dataset or edit a current media share.

Click Advanced options and put the following in the Auxiliary Parameters field:

force user=apps
force group=apps

save it and you might have to restart SMB service and re-connect for this to work.